COVID-19 Update

Booking arrangements for Hillside for outside use during COVID-19 pandemic.   

The three areas are shown on the map below with access for car parking

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Zone 1 The forested area and altar fires and grass area to the West by the road. Car park access is the main car park 
Zone 2 The forested area and altar fires with grass area shown to the North by the buildingsCar park access by Mackley’s car park. Liaise with booking secretary re collection of key for the gate.  
Zone 3 The forested area and altar fires and grass area to the East Car park access is the main car park 

At the main entrance to the site, there are signs to remind users about correct social distancing and where the location is of the QR code ( by the main door to the Training room) for track and trace purposes. 

For access to water (which should only be by leaders):

  • if Zone 1 is used, they are to use the water taps at the top of the field by the main car park 
  • If zone 2 is used, they are to use the water tap at the side of the main building 
  • If Zone 3 is used, they are to use the water taps at the bottom of the field 

For PPE and cleaning materials all users should:

  • Wear correct face coverings at all times if 11+ (unless needing to eat or drink)
  • Come with packs of antiviral wipes and spray for cleaning purposes of the toilet areas. 

For access to toilets, a key is available in the key box , to the right of the entrance doors of the Main building.

  • Leaders should encourage their sections to make sure they go to the toilet before they come to reduce the need. 
  • If young people need to go, to prevent a constant stream of users mixing bubbles on the way to the toilets, leaders need to check if any other young person in their group needs to go and accompany them to the toilet. (along with a pack of antiviral wipes) 
  • The leader will need to ensure that young people line up socially distanced as shown by the markings on the floor, and only allow 2 users to go in at any one time. 
  • Leaders will also provide each user with an antiviral wipe to clean surfaces down afterwards and remind young people to then wash their hands as per guidance on the signs by each sink using the soap provided.    
  • Whichever group is last to leave the site, leader’s must ensure that the toilets are cleaned and locked and the key is returned to the key box 
  • If a user is at the site for more than 2 hours, then they will need to clean the toilets allocated to them after this time to maintain hygiene and every 2 hours thereafter. 
  • Each allocated set of toilets will then be quarantined for 72 hours before they are used again. Deep cleaning of each set of toilets will occur every Friday, or more frequently if required.    

The codes for gate entry and key box will be told to the leaders who book and it is the responsibility of leaders to ensure these are not disclosed to others and they ensure that they are not left on the combination locks for others to see. 

If planning to make fire, although there is wood on the wood pile, leaders should accompany groups to collect this to stop any bubbles mixing by the wood pile. Ideally leaders should get young people to collect wood from their forested areas or leaders bring a supply of wood. Fires should also be fully extinguished before groups leave. 

Leaders are also reminded that their sections should also observe social distancing rules while outside. Leaders also need to have full contact details of all those who attend and keep them for 21 days for track and trace purposes. 

When booking via OSM please select :

  • Zone you wish to use
  • Times you wish to use the zone

Contact details of person booking necessary for track and trace and to liaise  with other users  if other zones are being used by other groups